Trees and Plants

Every landscape requires a permanent structure from which all other garden elements reside. That structure is created with the proper selection of trees that pepper your outdoor environment. 

Unlike any other plants, trees provide a strong presence in your landscape that serves a variety of purposes. Trees may create a majestic or stately presence, but they are generally selected for a specific function. The beautiful greenery, the woodsy scents and the occasional flowers they provide are special characteristics no landscape can do without.

Trees are selected for the following benefits:
  • delivers shade
  • acts as a privacy screen
  • bears fruit and nuts
  • minimizes street noise
  • breaks gusty winds
  • provides support for swings and hammocks
  • offers a natural play structure for climbing

Whether you are trying to create a backyard oasis or a tropical retreat, the atmosphere isn't complete without the perfect tree from our plant nursery.

With acre upon acre of trees at Whitfill Nursery's tree farm in Phoenix, Arizona, your personal outdoors will provide the living space you desire. Our trees and plants are proven winners for the Phoenix area climate.

Whitfill Nursery offers the following types of trees and plants:

As the Valley's original grower-direct nursery, Whitfill Nursery grows trees and plants for wholesale and retail sale.

Visit one of our three garden nursery locations or contact us about our wide selection of plants, trees, and landscaping products. Count on Whitfill Nursery, where after 60 years, “We still do the digging!”