Average Monthly Temperature
Average High
85° F
Average Low 58° F
Mean 71° F
Average Precipitation
.25 in.
Record High
105° F (1992)
Record Low
35° F (1922)

Garden Maintenance
Watch weather reports for unseasonably warm temperatures – adjust watering schedule as needed

Pick the last of “late season’ citrus – Valencias and Grapefruit

Continue to transition ryegrass to Bermuda by cutting lawn to 1/2” height thru May

Maintain prickly pear size by removing young tender pads when they are small

Fertilize Desert Trees & Shrubs

Keep vegetables moist but not wet to a depth of 1 foot and apply nitrogen and phosphorous to promote growth and flowering

Trim native trees prior to growing season
Mesquite, Palo Verde, Ironwoods, Texas Ebony

Continue to fertilize roses every two weeks thru spring peak bloom season

Take care of annuals to prolong season through May

What To Plant
Time to plant desert trees – start early in the month to establish root systems prior to summer’s heat. Choose from
Mesquites, Palo Brea, Desert Museum, Palo Verde, Ironwoods, Texas Ebony, Acacia Varieties

Continue to plant desert adapted shrubs, vines, ground covers, ornamental grasses, cacti and succulents

Continue to plant citrus all varieties and containerized roses