Average Monthly Temperature
Average High
94° F
Average Low 67° F
Mean 81° F
Average Precipitation .16 in.
Record High 114° F (1910)
Record Low
39° F (1899)

Garden Maintenance
Watch temperatures and adjust watering schedule

Fertilize citrus trees this month use fertilizer specific to the Arizona desert and manufactured here such as AZ Best Citrus Food or Organo Pro Citrus Food

Water deciduous fruit trees to a depth of three feet to insure adequate moisture for plump fruit

If temperatures stay above 90 degrees protect tomatoes with 50% shade cloth to extend life of plant and fruit

Continue to fertilize desert trees and shrubs

Watch for grape leaf skeletonizers on your grape vines. These are caterpillars that feed on tender new grape leaves. Eggs are left on the underneath side of the leaves and when they hatch they begin stripping the leaves down to the veins. Us a product called Thuricide to eliminate the pest

Cover deciduous fruit trees with bird netting to protect fruit available at the nursery

Apply nitrogen and zinc to pecan trees to ensure normal leaf growth and good nut production